CHATEAU CRYSTAL Shopping Centre is conceived as a relatively small-scale project with a strong focus on fast service and a variety of new powerful brands, quality goods and services satisfying local taste and demand.
With a retail area of 9 465 sq.m. Chateau Crystal Shopping Centre will be the fastest service retail center in Sofia, providing unique value for its customers.
Chateau Crystal Shopping centre is an ECO-FRIENDLY building project. It will be designed with the latest green building technologies, with environmentally respectful, energy-efficient engineering systems.

Unique Location
CHATEAU CRYSTAL Shopping Centre is situated at the newly constructed, up-todate and pedestrian friendly roundabout interchange between the ring road of Sofia and Cherni Vrah Blvd, the latter being the major transport connection between the city centre and the southern luxurious residential districts of Sofia and Vitosha Mountain Natural Park and Ski Resort.

The lack of good traffic connection in the city makes the recently renovated Ring Road a main traffic artery to access not only its southern neighbourhoods but also any area of the city. Apart from that, a large portion of transit international traffic directed to Western Europe and vice versa is concentrated there. Another traffic originates from the satellite towns and villages to the west of Sofia bringing people having there jobs in the city.

The place is highly thriving being both the main entrance to the city luxurious residential area and a centre for the majority of the new business settlements along the Ring Road. The location features high growing population – the area to be serviced comprises more than 500,000 inhabitants. It is easily accessible by cars, public transport and by foot.



CHATEAU CRYSTAL Shopping Centre is designed for people that value their time and care about quality at reasonable prices.
The shopping centre is conceived to be the fastest service big retail centre in Sofia (as opposed to other shopping malls), where customers will:

• Make their daily purchases of quality fresh food at the specialized shops
• Make use of all everyday services at one place
• Buy gifts, sporting goods, household or fashion items
• Eat with friends or entertain – all concentrated in specialised areas, easily accessible and time saving.

The customers will enjoy the presence of featured brands – new to our market, offering quality goods at competitive prices with high turnover of stock.

Retail space
The retail space in CHATEAU CRYSTAL Shopping Centre is distributed on 3 levels, creating a convenient experience for the visitors.  The last 4-th panoramic floor is designed for eating and entertainment.
The shopping centre has an attractive combination of more than 50 small, mid-sized and large shops. The 3 retail levels provide direct pedestrian access and cars can access directly two of them from ground level.

A pedestrian connection and an open parking facility with 543 parking spaces provide a safe and easy access to all visitors from the Ring Road and Cherni Vrah Blvd at strategic connection points.

The LIDL supermarket is directly connected to CHATEAU CRYSTAL Shopping Centre. It’s a successful chain of grocery stores, expanding strongly throughout Europe and beyond its borders with unique brands (most of its own), quality goods at competitive prices, organised for fast service and the customers flow is very high.

• Direct safe pedestrian connection between CHATEAU CRYSTAL Shopping Centre & LIDL
• Common parking
• Fast & easy access.